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Zachary Steel is an American actor who portrays Gibson on the Disney Channel original series A.N.T. Farm.

Pre-A.N.T. Farm[1]EditEdit

Zachary Steel has been acting in television and movies since 2006. Though his roles were small, he was still acting. His first movie credit was in The Wedding Weekend where he played a street heckler. His next role was in a 2007 short film where he played a guy named Eddie. He made two TV appearances in the next two years, those being Kath & Kim, where he played Chuck, and Single Dads, where he played a homeless guy. But his biggest credit was probably his role in A.N.T. Farm.

A.N.T. Farm[2]EditEdit

Zach's biggest credit is probably his role of Gibson on the Disney Channel Original Series A.N.T. Farm. Steel's character is the wacky, child-like guidance counselor/therapist/tutor of the A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) program. His character is quite comedic.

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