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Exceptional is the theme song for the Disney Channel original series Ant Farm. It is sung by China Anne McClain as Chyna Parks. In the video, it shows a slideshow of young and present pictures of the 5 main characters actors/actresses names (China Anne McClain, Sierra McCormick, Jake Short, Stephanie Scott, then Carlon Jeffrey) on an "Ant Pad".

Facts About The VideoEdit

They each have symbols on the "Ant Pad" when passed to them meaning something about their character's personality. Chyna has a music note because she in gifted in music. Olive has a a outline of a girl with a brain sticking out because she is very smart. Fletcher has a paintbrush because he is a talented artist. Lexi has a crown because she is popular and treated like a princess most of the time. Cameron has a smiley face because he is a nice friend and brother.

Lyrics Edit

Oh, do, do, do, do, do, do, Woah!

Everybody's got their thing. Something different we all bring. Don't you let'm clip your wings. You got it. You got it. We're on fire and we blaze in extrodinary ways. Three hundred sixty-five days. We got it. We got it. If you can dream it. You can be it. If you can feel it. You can believe it.

Cause I am, you are, we are, exceptional. Yeah, exceptional, exceptional, exceptional. Yeah I am, you are, we are exceptional. Yeah, exceptional, exceptional, exceptional.

Oh, do, do, do, do, Woah!

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